Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What gamemode does this server have?

A: Project Apollo: Freeroam (PAF) is a Freeroam RPG server.

Q: Where is the server hosted?

A: The server is hosted in the Netherlands by JuppiNet.

Q: Why does the clock have SA or UK next to it?

A: When clients connect the GTA time is synced to the time that it currently is in the United Kingdom (UK), or in California (SA).

Q: What are the commands?

A: A full list of commands can be found at this link.

Q: Why can't I use any commands?

A: You must register first (/register) before you can use any commands.

Q: I try to register but it says I'm already registered?

A: The account name has already been registered, either /login with your password, ask an admin to change it, or change your name with /nick.

Q: Can I change my skin?

A: Changing your skin is simple, type /skin for a random one or /skin id to set it to a specific skin.

Q: How do I earn money?

A: There are different ways you can earn money on the server, but they are all classed as missions. Missions only appear whilst you are driving around San Andreas as a red marker on your radar. To carry out a mission, simply head towards the red marker and then drive into the red sphere that you will see once you get there. Follow the on-screen instructions to make sure you get paid. (/jobs will give you a list of jobs that are available)

Q: I'm doing missions but not getting any money!

A: Money is paid directly into your bank account at a per minute rate, this can be checked via /b - make sure you leave any money in your bank before leaving the server

Q: How do I use my bank account?

A: There are two different ways to use your bank account, first off you can deposit any money gained from stunt bonuses with /b+ [amount], you can also withdraw money from your bank account with /b- [amount], don't forget to put any left over money back in the bank before leaving. The other way that you can use your bank account is with a debit card (/card), this allows you to access the money straight from your bank without having to take any out.

Q: I had lots of money, wheres it all gone!?

A: As stated above, make sure you deposit your money in the bank before leaving the server else it will dissapear!

Q: Why can't I get in some vehicles?

A: All vehicles that have an owner are locked by default, therefore you cannot get in them. Use /near to find out the owner, if it's 'None' or 'Server' you are able to enter it.

Q: Where can I find vehicles for sale?

A: A good place would be to check the dumps in Willowfield (LS), Whetstone (SF) & Creek (LV)

Q: How do I buy a vehicle then?

A: To purchase a vehicle, get in it and make sure the owner is 'None', then check the vehicles cost (/price), if you have enough money then you can /buy it.

Q: What happens if my vehicle explodes?

A: It will respawn at the point it blew up.

Q: Oh noes! I've taken my vehicle for a swim, help?

A: If you politely ask an admin, they can retrieve your vehicle from the underwater death trap for you.

Q: Can I fix my vehicle?

A: You can! The cheapest way to fix your vehicle is to use the various Pay 'N' Sprays around San Andreas, the more expensive method is to use /fix.

Q: Help, I've lost my brand new vehicle!

A: Vehicles spawn where they are left, if you are unable to find a certain vehicle use /mycars and then /find [id], the ID is the part in bold (example: J001 XSR)

Q: Can I mod my vehicle?

A: Modding your vehicle is as easy as pulling into a modshop and adding what you want, vehicle mods are saved for the next time you join the server. (Note: /card will not work in the modshops)

Q: Is there a risk that I could have my vehicle towed away?

A: Yes there is always the risk of this happening, but it all depends on where you park, park sensibily and this won't happen!

Q: My vehicle was towed away, where is it?

A: Your vehicle will most likely be at the impound lot, this can be found at a place we don't know of.

Q: I have run out of fuel, what can I do?

A: If you have run out of fuel type /emgas to get 5L of fuel at the cost of $2,500

Q: How do I put more fuel in my vehicle?

A: Drive to one of the various gas stations and wait in the red marker until you have got enough gas, gas costs $50 per litre and will fill up at 2 litres a second.

Q: Are there any properties?

A: We do not have any scripted properties but you can park your car at a house and call it yours.

Q: What happens when I die?

A: You will be respawned at the nearest hospital or medical center.

Q: Can I get to places without having to drive or walk?

A: There are two methods, either with a jetpack (/jetpack) or by using one of the ring teleporters.

Q: I am typing /jetpack but it says I need a licence?

A: You must purchase a licence to be able to use jetpacks, this can be done via /licence

Q: What are the ring teleporters?

A: Whilst you are on foot, you may notice red markers on the map and a red sphere at it's destination, stand in these and type /tele [destination] (example: /tele los santos international)

Q: Are there any NPCs on the server?

A: Yes there are, they make sure the local train services are kept running.

Q: Am I able to use the trains?

A: You can get in the trains as passengers to quickly get around the map, train stations are marked with a T on the map. You can get a train timetable via /train

Q: Does using the train cost anything?

A: No, this is a completly free service to our users!

Q: Why is Juppi so fast in races?

A: Nobody knows, you'll have to ask him!